Last month Google released their answer to taking notes, Google Keep, to take on rival apps like Evernote and more. The app is their way to easily and quickly take notes, save images, and much more on Android and the web, then sync them across devices. Today however, its gone cross platform even more and they released Keep for Google Chrome.

Instead of just syncing and viewing on the web with Google Drive, the dedicated app will bring a more streamlined experience. Now with the Chrome Web Store app, Keep opens in its own window, giving users a full browser mode and experience. It even supports offline mode so if you’re not around a WiFi connection you can still take notes, and the app will save them locally until your computer is back online, where it will then sync changes to your Android device.

You’ll be able to check off tasks, upload and attach photos and more with ease. Then it all syncs across the web, the Chrome App, and Android with ease for that experience we all know and love. While Google Keep still has a long way to go before it replaces Evernote for some, in just a month they’ve done quite a bit and expect it to only get better.

If you’re interested in the Chrome version, get it today from the Chrome Web Store. For more details on the new Note app from Mountain View check out our Google Keep Review. More details can be found at the official blog post linked to below.

[via Google Drive Blog]