Google appears to be readying a new note-taking service. While we cannot necessarily call it a replacement for Google Notebook, it does appear to be along those lines. Well, that and maybe some potential competition for Evernote. The service is called Google Keep and hints of the service (along with the icon) have recently been discovered in the source code for the Google Drive website.

The details were discovered by 1E100 who found a new Google Account Service named “Portal.” For a brief time if you had signed into that, you would have seen a new service, called Google Keep in the “your products” listing for your Google account. Of course, at the moment none of this can be accessed as it seems Google has pulled everything back.

Basically, it seems that the Google Keep service slipped out for just a little bit. The unfortunate part at the moment is that we are not all that certain as to what Google has planned for Keep. There are some guesses and some speculation, but official details are nonexistent at the moment.

Google seems to be working on Keep is pretty much what can be said at the moment. Otherwise, further hints suggest that Keep will be tied in with Google Drive and that it will have a mobile app. Presumably an Android app as the website has been referring to a listing in the Google Play Store. While we are happy to see an Android app being included, support for other mobile platforms would likely be welcomed. In the meantime, we will keep an eye out for additional Keep details.

[via Android Police]