The licensing issue with Android applications, and the fact that there’s plenty of ways to get your hands on paid applications for free, is starting to frustrate developers out there. And rightly so, we imagine. And, Google had an idea to issue a new licensing server a few weeks ago, to make sure that a new methodology for preventing folks from getting paid apps for free was implemented. It didn’t take long for folks to figure out a way to work around that, though, and now Google has officially responded.

According to Google, their new licensing server, or idea if you will, is still new, and the first installment is very thinly veiled. Basically, it was easy for people to get in, figure it out and work around what they needed to work around. That sounds like a Beta to us, and we all know how much Google love their Betas. Although it was easy to modify, it wasn’t focused primarily on security. At least, not yet.

And sure enough, Google is quick to point out that 100 percent security isn’t possible in a system that uses third-party code. Simple enough. But, while 100 percent may not be what everyone is looking for, some new kind of security system may be what Android needs to make developers feel safe enough to develop brand spanking new applications.

[via Android Developer Blog]