Most of us log in to our Google accounts – whether on our Android phones or on a browser on your PC – without even giving the login experience a second thought. So props to Google for doing the thinking for us, whether it be about a streamlined login experience or the security that goes with it. Starting this month, we will start to see some changes in the way we log in to Google.

Starting April 5, Google will make all browser sign-in flows consistent across computers, phones and tablets. This is so you get used to one sing-in flow, even across platforms. To be specific, this streamlining will affect mobile browsers on Android (and iOS), web browsers (Chrome, Firefox and other modern browsers), and even Google and 3rd-party applications on iOS.

Apart from the look and feel, Google is also making some changes in the process. One new change is that only non-standard permission requests will be presented in the consent screen in your application when you try to log in, where usually these are displayed all together. Now, select your account to log in, a user consents to core permissions. The secondary consent screen will appear only if additional permissions are requested by the application.

Also for security reasons, users will now see more visibly exactly what app or service they are logging to. The application or service name will now be more visible to users, and they can click-through to get the contact information of said app.

Google is reminding developers of 3rd party apps that require a Google login account to make sure that their apps will support this new way of logging in to Google. If you need more information, click on the source link below.

SOURCE: Google


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