Google’s mega-popular Android and software conference Google I/O is scheduled for June this year in San Francisco, and registration is open right now. If you want to get tickets to Google I/O, run, don’t walk to the registration page, and have your Google+ and Google Wallet accounts ready. Google I/O is always a sellout event, thanks to sneak previews at future Android versions and features, great workshops for developers, and (last but not least) the prospect of free giveaway gadgets.

Prepare for a hole ion your checking account: general admission is a whopping $900, with a reduced rate of “just” $300 for students. The conference will be held from June 27-29 and most events will be held in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. While Google I/O usually isn’t the place for new hardware announcements, it’s a great chance to look at what’s coming for the future of Android itself, along with other Google properties on the web and in the hardware space. Google TV and Chrome developers will want to keep an eye out as well.

While Google likes to keep a lid on its activities pre-show, you can bet there will be discussion on the next version of Android, whether it’s “Jelly Bean” 5.0 or a more incremental update. The high price and low registration means that not many can make the trip, but Android Community will be there with bells on to bring you the latest news. Again, if you intend to go, register right now – the conference may sell out any minute.

Update: as in years past, the overwhelming number of registration requests has apparently crashed the system. Prospective attendees, just keep trying, and cross your fingers.

Second Update: …and registration is closed, less than half an hour later. We hope you got in if you tried, and if not, keep an eye on Android Community in late June for all the breaking news from the conference.