Google will be announcing quite a bit of news over the next two days, starting with the opening keynote and a press conference this morning.

The keynote will be given by Vic Gundotra, VP of engineering, at 9:30am in Moscone West.  The title of the keynote will be  “Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud.”

After the keynote, there will be a press conference where I’ll have an opportunity to ask Google spokespeople additional questions and see product demos.  They’ll be discussing the news and may have some time for 1 on 1s.


The lights dimmed and keynote is about to start!  Vid Gundotra is on stage – Engineering VP, Google Inc.  There are now standing room only!

Vid is painting a picture of how Google will move forward with the “What? Why? How?” right now.  Allen Hurff, Engineering SVP is up on stage talking about what MySpace is doing with Gears.  MySpace allows for search and sort in mail and it’s available now if you have Gears installed.

Stay tune for tons of Android info and demos!!!