Coming out of Google I/O 2013, we are seeing an update to the Google+ Sign-In API. This update brings one notable improvement which is cross platform single sign-in. This will work in conjunction with the over-the-air app installs and simply adds another level of convenience for the user.

Basically, if you are on a website and are already signed in with Google+ you will be given the option to install the mobile app. Assuming you proceed with the app install, the app will then be installed on your smartphone (or tablet) and when launched, you will automatically be logged in on the app.

This of course, takes the same Google+ account that you are signed in with on the regular website. Even nicer for those with multiple devices, this sign-in process will carry to other devices that are tied to your account. All said and done, this may be just one update, but it is an update that adds a nice layer of convenience.

Otherwise, the 2013 Google I/O keynote continues and it looks like we have plenty more left to cover today. We were given a look at the numbers, which had activations up to 900 million for this year. Without rehashing those numbers, we will just go with what Google called it — an “extraordinary achievement.”

Stay tuned for for more coverage through the day and the remaining two days of Google I/O. In the meantime, our continued coverage will be posted throughout the day in our 2013 Google I/O portal.