We’re in line again, this time toting a few more devices (though we’re none the heavier thanks to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 weighing approximately nothing at all,) and we’re attempting to get pumped up for the second day’s big keynote. What should we be expecting today? More than likely a whole ‘lotta Chrome, but you never know, might be some Android tidbits in this event as well. Stay tuned to Android Community and our sister site SlashGear for all the coverage your eyeballs can handle.

To stay attuned and tuned to everything we’ve got to offer on the Google I/O 2011 set of events, just hit the [IO 2011] portal. You’ll have a generous look at Ice Cream Sandwich, a full guide for the new Music Beta environment from Google, and all the little bits about Android 3.1 for the Motorola XOOM. Also you can head to our newly minted Ice Cream Sandwich forum with its super new logo to discuss any and all questions and concerns you may have for this whole new world!

Also we’ve got a couple more helpers on board today so if and when any Android news does come through, you’ll know about it first, from every single perspective you can imagine! Meet or re-meet our animal assistants:



Susi and Millie you’ll remember from recent reviews of Android devices in videos and photos. Susi’s been in photos since back at the launch of T-Mobile’s G2, and Millie is a new player.