Google had already mentioned how I/O 2014 would kick off on June 25th. Quite possibly though, we suspect some will instead remember the bit about how the registration process will be changing this year. Instead of the first-come first-served process that we have watched sell out in record times each year, Google will be implementing an application process for I/O 2014.

That said, the Google I/O 2014 website has recently gone live and it is giving a bit of a preview, as well as some details on the application process. Registration will be open from April 8th to April 10th, but again, no real need to be first here.

Google has said you’ll just need to apply to attend, no rush, just make sure you apply during that two day window. As for the part many are waiting to hear — Google will be randomly selecting winners.

“There’s no rush this year. Just apply to attend any time during the two-day registration window, and we’ll randomly select who gets to come.”

Those who are selected will be notified by email, sometime after the application window closes on the 10th. Google has yet to offer a specific timeline as to when those emails will be going out. Nonetheless, even if you are selected, Google I/O isn’t free. General admission tickets for I/O 2014 will be $900 with academic tickets coming in at $300.

Otherwise, Google made it clear you will need to sign in using a Google+ account to apply for a ticket. You will also have to use Wallet to authorize the purchase of a ticket. On that note, it was said that Google will only pre-authorize, and not actually charge for the ticket until you have been selected. They just want to make sure you have the money.

SOURCE: Google Developers Blog, Google I/O 2014