Today the always fun folks from Google just updated the official Google I/O 2013 website. They’ve published the rest of the details on Google I/O like the dates and times, and stuff we already knew. Then tossed in tons of Google Easter Eggs. The entire site is actually interactive, which I completely missed after heading there when we received our press invite.

So for the creative minds, smart people, and all those who enjoy a good Google Easter egg you’ll want to quickly head to the I/O page by clicking here — and have fun. If you can’t figure it out, the big I and O are interactive, but it’s a code. Guess the right code and you’re greeted with an Easter Egg. I’ve already figured out about 5, but we’ll let you guys find the rest.

The Google I/O symbols will lead you to the bacon, bowling balls, space, I/O cats (Reddit will love that) and many other random things. There’s a matrix style page in there, but I forgot that one after I did it. Essentially you need to guess the code, and enjoy the effects after. The second page is also interactive, and I’m sure there’s a few Easter eggs in those too – but we haven’t found any. TheNextWeb claims there is songs and such too, so go crazy.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.44.33 PM

We don’t want to post them all, as that would ruin the fun of you guys finding all the Easter eggs yourself. Now back to things that actually matter. Google I/O! The event will be May 15th-17th in San Francisco, and we’re expecting Android 4.5 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie, a new Nexus 7, and hopefully an upcoming Nexus smartphone or something from camp Motorola. We’ll be there live too, so stay tuned!

[via Google I/O]


  1. I have found 12 so far… When the numbers turn red, that means you have entered an incorrect number, but all numbers up to that point were leading to an Easter egg.


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