We know Google I/O is one of those coveted experiences and developer conferences that tons of you want to enjoy. Whether you’re a fan or developer of Android, Chrome, YouTube, and more. While sadly not everyone that wants to attend gets to (tickets sell out fast) Google always posts the events online. They were nice enough to live stream the sessions, and now have posted their annual round-up highlight video.

So for those who weren’t able to attend Google I/O themselves, or have been too busy to catch up on anything and everything they missed, Google has you covered. Just like last year the team over at Mountain View has put together a neat little video clip just under 5 minutes long showing all the highlights.

While the event wasn’t quite as exciting as some in the past, mainly because we didn’t get a brand new version of Android to play with and enjoy, it was a huge event and milestone for Google. Showing they don’t need to update the OS and put manufacturers behind in order to improve the OS as a whole. That was one of many important factors we took away from the event. Anyways, here’s the clip:

From Google Glass being all over the place (but not in the news) Google Play Games, Music All Access, an improved Google Maps, all those developer events and more. The event was packed full of good stuff for 3 days and Google wants to share these moments with everyone. Relive Google I/O 2013 from the video above, then hit our IO Portal for all our coverage.

What would you like to see at Google I/O 2014? Too soon?