If you’ve bought several Nexus and Pixel devices from the Google Store over the years, you might have received a special, “top secret” email from Google. It seems they have quietly launched a Pixel Superfans Program. The by-invite only group will give you access to exclusive perks, special offers, and even in-person and digital events. It’s not something you can sign up for so if you’re not one of the lucky ones, we’ll tell you all about it.

According to Android Police, the real superfans received an email invitation from Google that will lead you to a sign-up page. You will not be able to access that page and form if it didn’t come from that email invite. You will not be required to pay for anything to join the Pixel Superfans Program, except for all that money you’ve spent over the years buying several Nexus and Pixel devices from the Google Store.

The form will ask you some basic questions about your hobbies and your Google history, as well as what kind of events you’ll be interested in. They actually have an upcoming virtual event where you’ll get to hear from and interact with the Pixel product team. They’ll also be asking you for some feedback and you’ll get to virtually meet the other Superfan members. You can choose from two time slots but you will not be able to sign up for it without the invitation.

There will be future in-person events exclusive for the Superfans but you should note that travel costs are not included. Aside from events and experiences, you should also get special offers on other Google products as well as an occasional gift and surprise perks. If you change your mind about joining the club after you’ve submitted the form, then you can just opt out of receiving emails and also even have your data deleted if you prefer.

The Pixel Superfans Program is one way to create an “exclusive club” for those who are already actual fans and at the same time, get those who want to be part of the club to have more incentive to buy Pixel devices. There’s no indication how much you had to save over the years to get the special invite.