The Google Glass Explorer program officially started last year at Google I/O where those in attendance were able to pre-order the next-gen wearable technology. However, for the rest of us we had to enter Google’s popular #ifihadglass program on Twitter. Today brings good news as Google has just announced those winners will soon be getting their Glass.

Google kickstarted the project by asking people on Twitter and Google+ to tell them what they’d do if they had Glass. With hundred of thousands of entries they managed to select around 8000. If you’ve been following Google Glass you’re well aware of the #ifihadglass offer. Well today they’ve confirmed those will start shipping next.

Google’s been busy the past month shipping out Google Glass to all the developers who pre-ordered last year to the tune of around $1,500 a pair, and today they’ve confirmed all Explorer Edition’s have shipped. That means all you winners of the #ifihadglass deal are up next. Make sure you have that credit card on standby and at least $1,600 (after taxes) to get yourself a pair soon.

In a post today Google’s confirmed that over the next few weeks they’ll start sending out invites for #ifihadglass applicants. They are reminding all users to have +ProjectGlass circled on Google+ so they can send out messages, and then you’ll be able to purchase and get your own Glass. Get excited folks, but please don’t take pictures in the shower.

As a little light of hope Google mentions they are excited to be moving to the next stage of the Explorer Program, and they hope to expand it further in the future. That means another opportunity to get your own might be coming again soon.


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