Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is about to become as real as people need it to be, especially as Google integrates it into a lot of the normal services it offers. At I/O 2018, Google is pushing for AI solutions in services such as Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Photos, Google Maps, and others. All of this is a concerted effort to save time on the user’s behalf, by allowing the AI to understand context clues, it will be better equipped to offer time-saving solutions.

In Gmail, for instance, the new Smart Compose feature will be able to understand the context of an email and from there suggest phrases to help you write quickly and efficiently. In Google Photos, AI we makes it easier to share photos instantly, and Google is also rolling out new features that let users quickly brighten a photo, use a filter, or even colorize old monochrome pictures.

One of the biggest hits at I/O 2018 is Google Duplex, an AI technology that allows Google Assistant to make calls for you – for scheduling stuff that still requires a phone call. Google CEO Sundar Pichai just demonstrated a recording of Google Duplex in action, and it is incredibly natural, Google Assistant talking to a real person who had no idea he or she was talking to a digital assistant.

All of these efforts within AI will now fall under the broad category of Google AI. This new branding will now encompass all of the research in AI that is happening across Google. They are even expanding the Google AI website to reflect this new effort.

SOURCE: Google


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