Google Meet Hangouts

Google is adding a new service to its G Suite. It was a silent launch but we’re almost certain that Google meant to introduce Meet by Hangouts. Meet is a new video conferencing program which we’re assumming is for video conferences. This makes Google geting another instant communication app after Hangouts, Allo, and Duo.

Just like Duo, Meet is a video calling app but more for business meetings. You will find it part of the G Suite together with Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar to make business communications and work more efficient than ever.

TechCrunch chanced upon the program and noted that it was available on the App Store. However, the app has since been pulled out, as well as, the product page on G Suite. This program is said to have been developed to accomodate video meetings in high-definition (HD) and will be ready as a mobile and web app.

You can check and see how you can easily join a meeting with a special code that you need to enter. We’re guessing once you are logged into your Google account, you can quickly see all the meetings scheduled that you need to attend. The page will remind you of a Hangouts page sans the option to begin a chat or make a call.

Posted below are screenshots also shared by TC:

Google Meet by Hangouts Cover

The program looks user-friendly yet ready for more professional and business use. Hangouts is good enough but it appears Google wants a more video meeting-focused app just for the enterprise. You can say it’s just another video chat app but this one can accommodate more than ten people in one meeting. Meet can support up to 30 people in a video meeting in HD.

There’s no official confirmation or announcement from Google yet but we’ll wait and see.

VIA: TechCrunch