How many games are installed on your Android phone right now? I only have a about a dozen because of limited storage. Not much of a gamer but I know the importance of having more storage or RAM on a mobile device because they will allow geeky gamers especially to install more and play games smoothly. The whole gaming world has expanded the past decade and we know it will continue to improve. It may be merged with virtual reality (VR) gaming soon so we’d better prepare for that exciting future.

Google has introduced Gamer ID on Google Play Games. It’s simply a profile you can create for playing your favorite games. It’s your own gaming persona that you will have to preserve. Prove that you are that gaming hero you know you can be. That gaming identity you will create, that’s solely yours and no one can take it away from you.

It’s easy to make a Gamer ID. Simply sign into to any game part of the Google Play Games lineup, create your Gaming ID and then choose an avatar. There are more than 40 avatars to choose from as your Gamer picture. The image is not exactly unique but now you can easily identify yourself within a game.

With your Gamer ID, you can join leaderboards, play games across Android, the web, and even iOS. You can now save your in-game process and earn achievements within a game. You are also free to play with other gamers even when they’re on the other side of the world with the multiplayer modes on your smartphone, web, tablet, and Android TV.

Once you log your Gamer ID, you won’t have to do it again and again. Just sign in once and Google Play Games will no longer ask for your identity unless you log out your ID from a game completely.

Android Google Gamer ID

SOURCE: Official Android Blog, Google Play Help