Family is forever. Or even if you don’t have your immediately family with you at home, you can still share a lot of things with the people you live with. For those who like sharing good times and the good stuff with their loved ones and friends, there is Google to offer everyone a lot of new entertainment, apps, and services that can make things better.

Family group on Google makes sharing stuff easier and more convenient. You don’t have to pay for individual access or subscription because it is more practical to avail of the Google Play Family Library or the Google Play Music family plan. The search giant further made enhancements to some of its popular products like Google Photos, Keep, Calendar, and YouTube TV so the whole family can share.

For YouTube TV users, you can share a cloud DVR storage with the whole family for only $35 per month. Feel free to stream live TV from the networks such CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX. Google Keep allows you to save and share ideas and information with the notes, shared lists, and reminders. This can help the whole family be able to communicate better and with more efficiency.

Google Photos lets you send videos and photos to a group easily while Google Calendar allows a group to share just one calendar where every member can keep track of their household, work, and outdoor activities.

Family offerings are now available for Google Photos, Google Keep, and Google Calendar. Meanwhile, YouTube TV is only available in select markets. To begin enjoying these services as a family, begin by creating a family group HERE. You can add up to six members only but that should be enough for the whole family so you can all enjoy a few of the most useful Google products today.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)