Last week brought news that Google Glass was rooted and unlocked. And well, coming by way of updates from a pair of Google employees, it seems that isn’t exactly as exciting as it originally sounded. You see, Google Glass was apparently left unlocked on purpose. The updates here began with one from Dan Morrill, which was later simplified by Stephen Lau.

Morrill had posted about how this Google Glass trick was not gaining root. He said “nothing is rooted. There is no root here.” Further explanation by Morrill mentions that what happened was actually a “fastboot oem unlock” and that nothing can be rooted if they let you do it on purpose. The comments from Morrill also go into the definition of rooting and then further break down into some ‘get off my lawn’ type of ranting.

Shifting away from that and the comments from Lau were a bit simpler, more to the point. Basically, it seems Google “intentionally” left Glass unlocked. According to Lau, they did this so users “could hack it and do crazy fun **** with it.” That about says it all, however Lau makes the further point by saying how if you paid $1500 for it you should feel free to “go to town on it.”

Basically, this sort of goes along with what we have already heard about Google Glass — these initial units are really intended for developers. You know, the types of users that would probably be able to appreciate and take advantage of a device that has a bit more flexibility and freedom. Of course, on the flip side, despite paying $1500 and being able to “go to town” on them, you are still severely restricted in terms of lending and selling them.

[via Google+ Stephen Lau]