Interesting but expected news has just arrived this afternoon that Google has inked a deal with the developers of the new popular Flipboard news app for Android. At a conference in London Google+ VP of product management Bradley Horowitz confirmed the move and said we can expect Google+ sharing integrated into Flipboard soon.

Essentially what this means is Flipboard will soon be even more social. Currently you can share news and stories with friends on Facebook and Twitter but soon you’ll have Google’s +1 button and more. Not only that but the new API will allow Flipboard to both read and write from Google’s social network. You’ll be able to sign in and get your G+ fix all in-app with Flip, similar to Google’s own Google Currents app.

We are also hearing the new special API’s allowing read/write access to Google+ will be closed off initially until Google can get it how they’d like. It looks like the folks from Flipboard will be among the first to enjoy access to the social site though. Many Android fans love Google+ but when asked about current users Horowitz declined to comment on how many active Google+ users there are currently. We’ll update once Flipboard shares more details or updates their app.

[via SlashGear]