It’s a good day to be a Google user in Indonesia as the tech giant hosted the second annual Google for Indonesia summit. And more than just an event, they announced 11 big things that they will be able to enjoy and find useful, from relevant new products to digital trainings and empowerment programs. This is part of their push to bring technology to places where Internet connectivity is still an issue like in the Southeast Asian region (well, except for Singapore of course).

One of the new products that they introduced to help with the Internet access problem is the Google Station, a partnership with Fiberstar and CBN, where they will roll out WiFi hotspots across Java and Bali. YouTube Go will also be available in the country soon and users will be able to save videos for watching offline later on. Google Assistant and Allo will also now support Bahasa Indonesia. Shortcuts in Search will also be available while Health Answers will roll out as well, making Indonesia one of the first countries to have this. Waze will also now have a routing feature that will take into account the odd-even policy applied in Jakarta.

Aside from products, Google has also launched digital training and empowerment programs that aims to cultivate more digital talent from Indonesia. So far, they have already trained 25,000 app developers through online courses and they are planning to train 100,000 by 2020. They launched Primer, a program that will help budding entrepreneurs build and grow their business through lessons that are in Bahasa Indonesia. Gapura Digital meanwhile is targeting to bring more small businesses online.

Lastly, Google also wants to empower women entrepreneurs in the country across the cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang and Denpasar and soon, Makassar. So far, they’ve already brought together 7,000 women through this Womenwill program. is also supporting Smart Schools Online which is aiming to train 35,000 students, teachers, and parents on digital literacy and online safety.

SOURCE: Google