HULU has been up for bids for a little while now and latest reports are showing that Google is now one of the players looking to acquire Hulu. They are now doing some preliminary talks with them just like Yahoo and Microsoft. The LA Times article cited anonymous sources close to the situation who say that Google is interested in the advertising potential behind Hulu, as they own the rights to many TV shows and could be a great way to display some ads.

We haven’t heard much other than this little bit but this would be a huge acquisition for Google and could really help them out. Can you imagine having a Google Hulu app coming standard on all Android phones and tablets. Sure would be nice but we will see.

I still don’t like the fact that when you subscribe to Hulu you still see ads, I’d expect ads to be remove if I am a paying customer. Google could offer it free for all phones and tablets and have the same type of ads it already has now. We will report back if we here more.

[via LA Times]