Google Pixel 4 Camera

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL deserve another round of improvements. Just like any new smartphone in the market today, the Pixel 4 series still needs to be updated. They are not exactly the best in the market right now but they are definitely in the limelight because they are from Google. The tech giant has recently added improvements to the Portrait Mode to make more professional photos with depth. With Portrait mode, one can easily take photos of people and give them a boost of confidence.

The Portrait Mode was first introduced on the Pixel 2. The Pixel 3 followed but with machine learning as an improvement. There’s also the dual-pixel autofocus.

Pixel 4 is getting another round of updates focused on the camera. This one will improve the depth estimator. The dual cameras and dual-pixel autofocus system feature improved depth estimation. Other improvements are also noticeable on bokeh that can be compared to that of DSLR-level already.

This time, Google has discovered telephoto cameras. The Pixel 4 has it and tries to take advantage by learning the difference between what dual pixels see compared to what dual cameras see. The two are different so it’s important they are distinguished.

Dual cameras help with the aperture which is usually a problem. What’s good about Google is that it learned to use the neural network in calculating depth with either dual pixel or dual cameras.


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