A major point of pride — and profit — for Google is advertising. They do it better and more prolifically than anyone else on the web, plain and simple. What about mobile ads, though? Rather than deal with fussy pop-ups, Google’s focused on making it easy to find what you’re looking for via search.

On top of the ease of discovery, Google also wants to make it easy for you to get your items. In an increasingly mobile world, it’s important that we also be able to find items on our phones or tablets. Google understands that, and has improved the mobile shopping experience.

Just by searching for an item, you’ll get a Google Shopping card that pops up in your mobile search result. Whereas that was once a static card, Google has added depth by making the card horizontally scroll-able. Rather than be forced to click on a card, which will redirect to a Google Shopping site, we can now view items right from our devices.

Called Product Listing Ads (PLA), Google is quick to point out how beneficial they can be to would-be advertisers. REVOLVE clothing increased their mobile PLA campaign clicks by 371%, with conversions climbing 537%. Most importantly for advertisers, REVOLVE noted a 77% increase in return on mobile ad spending.

For consumers, we’ll get the best prices on items at our fingertips. For retailers, they can continue to diversify their exposure to us and offer us those deals. The Google Commerce Blog also notes a webinar and ways to get your items listed on mobile, giving retailers every opportunity to make sure they’re noticed on our devices.