If you’re not convinced yet that Google Hangouts should be your default video calling app when getting in touch with loved ones, well the folks over at Mountain View HQ are hoping this latest update would change your mind. There aren’t any major changes to it actually, except that the call quality as well as several other features are infinitely better. This is only rolling out to a select number of users, so you better wait your turn.

One of the things that will change in Hangouts is the fact that calls will start faster instead of that awkward moment when you’re waiting for your call to connect. Hopefully, the higher quality will also stay all throughout the call. The full-screen interface is also part of the update, so you don’t need to get distracted and you will now have a more immersive and streamlined video call experience. When it comes to inviting your friends to a video call, it is now easier as well.

One thing that has disappeared as noticed by one of the early adapters is app support. This means you can’t add cute costumes or funny faces while making a call and you can’t play games together with whoever you’re calling and do commentaries as well. Although Google isn’t saying that removing the app will be permanent, you can still go back to the old version by clicking the menu at the top right and then choosing “Original version”.

The updated Hangouts isn’t available yet for all users and is still rolling out to a small batch. It will be “expanding globally” in the next few days, so just wait and see.

SOURCE: Google


  1. Wait, it doesn’t allow 3rd party plug-in apps? That stinks. I use them just about every time I use hangouts. That is the best feature. They better fix that.


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