Google is adding some more security measures to Gmail to ensure that your work inbox is always safe and secure. It’s no secret that hackers and spammers abound. We don’t think they will go away anytime soon (and maybe not ever) so it is important that email providers do everything in their power so your account remains private.

For companies who rely on Gmail for corporate emails and data transfer, know that Google is adding more security features. Whether you like it or not, phishing threats are considered normal now. What is not normal though is if you actually fall into the trap. We can’t really blame you but to keep people from becoming victims, the Gmail team has added machine learning for phishing detection, click-time warnings, and unintended external reply warnings among others.

With machine learning, Gmail can help block phishing and spam messages. Google is improving its processes for spam detection with the goal of higher accuracy.

Gmail has integrated with Google Safe Browsing machine learning technologies so suspicious links and phishing schemes are detected.

Gmail has also started to show new warnings for employees that may prevent data loss. You will be asked first if you really want to send an email outside your domain.

SOURCE: The Keyword