Animated GIFs have become as normal as emojis when it comes to reacting to things or as a way of communicating with people online without using words. There is always a perfect GIF for every emotion, reaction, and occasion. But sometimes you have to take a few extra steps in order to share them on the app you’re currently in. Google is now making it easier to do so with a Share GIF section in Google Images when you’re searching for the perfect GIF.

So now when you search for something GIF-y on Google images (for example, excited GIF), you will get a Share GIF icon under each of the GIFs in the results. Tapping on it will bring you to Android’s Share window so you will be able to share it to other messaging apps, email, social media accounts, etc.

Google says that their GIF search engine is powering this section and that these shareable GIFs are from content creators, streaming services, movie studios, and the YouTube community. The GIF results are based on “how likely they are to be shared” which probably means you’ll see the more popular ones and you’ll have to do a deep dive if you want something different and unusual.

If you’re someone who likes creating GIFs, you are also welcome to submit your own, whether you’re a content provider, a GIF platform, or a GIF creator. You can upload your GIFs to (a company Google acquired last year) or you can also connect with Google’s partnership team.

The Share GIFs feature is now available on the Google app for Android and on Chrome on Android as well. They said they’ll eventually bring it to other surfaces and mobile browsers as well. Go have fun sharing those GIFs!