Google homed in on their secure sign-in method, the One Tap authentication module last year and now they’ve brought One Tap under the Google Identity Services API. This will bring direct access to the website without the need to redirect the user to a different sign-in page for a seamless browsing experience. With this feature enabled, the developers get a secure token to authenticate the user for security using this method.

For the mobile version, the One Tap is prompted from the bottom of the screen while on the desktop it appears on the top right-hand side of the screen. This will work for new signed users and the ones who have already signed in will be logged in automatically.

The low friction authentication prompt makes use of secure coupons as opposed to passwords for signing into partner websites or apps. Security is a major priority here and Google has emphasized protection from threats such as click-jacking, pixel tracking to keep users safe through the seamless sign in experience.

UI for the One Tap interface has got improved Sign in with the Google button showing the user details (for returning users) or the user account for a new sign in on the device. As per their official blog post, Google worked with Reddit to bring the Sign in with Google button and the One Tap prompt to the platform.

This has resulted in two times more conversions for new user sign up and returning user. Even Pinterest said they had a positive result after implementing the Google Identity Services.

On the other end of the spectrum Google is making sure the developers have no problems while incorporating this feature. For this they’ve created the technical documentation and the google-signin tag on Stack Overflow for any kind of help if need be.