It’s really happening. Big companies pulling out from big events due to the recent health scare. Event organizers have been canceling public launches and the latest major event is the Google I/O 2020. You read that right–the next Google conference has been canceled. It’s only been over a month since we shared with you date and location details of the Google I/O 2020 which is supposed to happen on May 12 to 14 at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. It’s about two months from today but because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the tech giant decided to cancel.

The Google I/O Team has shared the physical portion of the event is canceled because of COVID-19 concerns. It was a decision made “in accordance with guidance from the CDC, WHO, and other health authorities”. If you have already purchased tickets to Google I/O, you can get a full refund by March 13. Refunds are usually sent back to your credit card if you signed up online.

The event will be “online-only”. This means live-streams and recorded videos of keynotes. It’s not clear how Google will make the presentations but we’re looking forward to what the tech giant has in store for everyone. Things will be remote.

If you haven’t received your refund after March 13, feel free to contact Google at Those who registered this year will be granted the option automatically to purchase tickets for Google I/O tickets once ready.

“Health and safety is our priority” tweeted the Google Developers (@googledevs).

We look forward to this remote-online-only Google I/O conference. Let’s see how it will be effective in launching new products and services.


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