Your Google Home smart speaker can still be a lot smarter. Of course, that is expected because of the possible software updates that can be developed and then delivered. Just recently, Google Home in the UK allowed hands-free WiFi calling. New Google Home visualization can bring YouTube results on Chromecast. Another update also taught the Assistant to sync your smart devices. We know the smart assistant can offer more features and service integrations but one of the more important functions people use is the setting of reminders. You can just talk to your Google Home and command it to remind you of upcoming things or whatever you want to be reminded of.

The Google Assistant now takes advantage of location-based reminders. After the update bringing voice-managed reminders, location-based reminders make our digital lives easier. All you need to do is say, “Hey Google, set a reminder to pick up more coffee at the grocery store” and the Google Assistant will do so whenever you reach the store. That is, if you have your phone with you. Make sure you always have it so you can hear the gentle reminders.

The Google Assistant may not exactly voice out a reminder. You will receive a notification on your phone when you are at the location. Location-based reminders are nothing new but we like the idea of two devices being integrated. Setting reminders on the Google Home and then being reminded on another device–a smartphone–makes it more special and convenient to use.

There may be limits though as the Google Assistant may not recognize the differences between a location-based reminder and a general one. There is no way yet to set a specific store or exact location but it should be possible in the future.

SOURCE: Made by Google