Google is serious with strengthening Google Photos that the app is now being integrated with Google Home. We can also say the same thing about Netflix which is also getting the same support. We’re glad that the two are ready for Google Home for a more improved smart home experience. The two have always been allowed on Chromecasts but now with Google Home, you can just say a command and the smart speaker will play Netflix content or display new images on Google Photos.

On your Google Home app, you will see a new section called ‘Videos and Photos’ where you can play new content from Netflix and show a slideshow of the latest images on Google Photos. Set up your account first, enable Photos integration, and then link your Netflix account. You need to be logged in so your accounts will be synced.

This change is limited to select users only so don’t be surprised if you can’t see it yet. Your account may not work because it’s not yet ready for public use. This update is somehow expected but perhaps the developers need more time in testing the service. Once finalized, we’re assuming it will be easier for other devs and companies to integrate their apps and have them supported on Google Home.

Soon enough, numerous apps can be controlled using Google Home. Now that makes it a true smart home device.

VIA: Android Police