Since Google Home and Google Play Music are from the same tech giant, you would think that they will work seamlessly together. But while you could indeed stream from Google Play Music to your smart speaker, you were only limited to what’s on their online catalog. Until now that is. Google has announced that you can now stream the music that you bought from Google’s music service and even the audio that you uploaded to their cloud. If Google Play Music is your main source, then this is good news indeed.

Previously, if you only had a free account, using Google Play Music on your Google Home was pretty limiting. But now all those songs that you’ve uploaded to the cloud server and those that you actually bought will be included in the songs that you can stream. It will even be the priority if you ask Google Assistant to play something for you on the speakers. Users paying for the on-demand streaming service will get the catalog as priority and will only switch to your personal library if they can’t find anything from the artist or album you requested.

But if you ask Google Play Music to play a genre or music from a particular mood or activity, it will still prioritize the online catalog of course. Also, if it is not your default music player on Google Home, you need to say the command, “Ok Google, play _____ on Google Play Music” so you can hear your music from there, whether it’s subscription, free radio, uploaded, or purchased music.

The update is rolling out to regions that have Google Home support, which for now is just the US, UK, and Canada. Oh, and soon, France!

SOURCE: Google