The situation is this: You’re in the kitchen cooking hurriedly for your small dinner party while the toddler is sleeping in the other room. You suddenly remember that your phone is not set to silent and is actually near your kid. Instead of running into the other room to manually turn it to silent, you will now be able to give a voice command to your Google Assistant through a Google Home speaker in order to turn it into silent mode.

Google actually announced late last year that this feature will be coming soon to Google Assistant on Home devices but we didn’t know when exactly that will happen. Well apparently it has quietly rolled out already as the Google Assistant help page now says you can tell it to silence your phone to enable the Do Not Disturb mode on your smartphone even if it was on the other room or a bit far from reaching distance.

You can say something like “Hey Google, silence my phone” and your connected phone or phones will go silent. But if you have more than one and you want to be more specific, you can say “Set my Pixel 3 to silent” and it will only do it for the device you mentioned. If you want all your phones as well as all the Google Assistant-enabled speakers to be affected, just say “Silence all of my devices.”

The feature will also work with some other variations of the command, like “Set my phone to silent” or “Enable Do Not Disturb on my phone” (or exact name) or “Turn on Do Not Disturb on my phone”. You can also do the inverse like disabling DND or turning it off, all through the power of your voice command.

While this isn’t anything major to sing home about, it’s pretty useful for specific situations that would call for you to not pick up your phone to silence it. Instead, you can just use the power of Google Assistant and command it to switch you off from the grid even for just a little while.

VIA: Android Police