Probably one of the most popular uses for smart speakers is to let them do what speakers do best: play music. With just a voice command like, “Hey Google, play the latest album from Drake”, you’ll be able to let your music streaming service of choice just start playing that LSS-inducing album. However, you can only choose from amongst a few services if you’re playing it from Google Home. Now your smart speaker can welcome two more to its music streaming stable: Pandora Premium and Deezer.

If you’re on Pandora Premium, you will now be able to search for and play your favorite songs, albums, and playlists through voice commands. Deezer will also now allow you to play any of the more than 36 million HiFi tracks in its library, all without having to lift your hand. And believe us, you’d want to turn up the volume if you’re playing HiFi or high fidelity tracks and you’ve got awesome speakers to amplify it.

All you have to do is to link your respective accounts to your Google Home app. Once you’ve done that, you would just have to say, “Hey Google, play my rock out playlist on Deezer” or “Hey Google, play my best new hits playlist on Pandora” and you’re all set. You can do this on any Google Assistant-supported smart speaker, including Google Home, Mini, Max, Smart Displays, and others.

As a bonus, you can try out Pandora Premium for free for 90 days while you can also try out Deezer Premium for 90 days for $1, but only in selected countries like the U.S., Canada, Italy, Australia, U.K., France and Germany. The important thing is that you now have more choices when it comes to playing music on your Google Home smart speakers.

Previously, you could only use Google Play Music and Spotify but now you have these other two options. If you’re using the free versions of any of these, you will only be able to play a station of songs that are inspired by the artist or album or song that you requested. But the premium versions you’ll be able to hear whatever you want to stream.

SOURCE: Google


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