Nest Cam Random Video Google Home Max 3

Smart home gadgets are usually very helpful. If we are to weigh the pros and cons, many people will say their smart devices have more benefits than disadvantages. We can agree that they offer many good things but we cannot discount the fact they can also be dangerous. There have been reports of smart devices being hacked or accessed by strangers. There are also reports of outages or worse–showing footage when they shouldn’t. Smart home device makers are working hard to assure the users of privacy and security but like most tech products and services, they are bound to fail.

There are people who don’t use such smart devices for related reasons. This issue with the Google Home showing random Nest Cam footage could be another reason. There is no official acknowledgment or solution yet by the tech giant but being discussed on a thread is one incident shared by redditor The_Mustard_Tiger.

This guy said an unknown image of a house suddenly popped up on his Google Home Max. The footage is believed to be from a Nest Cam. He shared the image on reddit, hoping someone would tell him if it’s his or her house. The redditor actually posted a video but here is a screenshot.

A Google employee is said to have requested the Home Hub owner to contact the company. It appears to be a security breach. It’s something you don’t want happening to you especially if you have webcams placed in different parts of your home.

To be honest, we’re not surprised this has happened. Anything can happen as long as there are “eyes”–by that, we mean cameras. Let’s see how Google will solve this one.