If there is a Mini version there must be a Pro variant, right? Not always but Google surprised the public a bit when it launched the Google Home Max. That’s right. There is a bigger version of the Google Home Mini. It really is a larger Google Home Mini and it very well replaces the original Google Home. The tech giant seems to be all in when it comes to the smart speaker game that it is bringing two models from the same product category.

You can say the Google Home Max is the flagship Home speaker. Google describes this as more powerful than the first-gen Google Home by about 20 times. Now that should be really loud.

The Google Home Max will be available before 2017 ends. What’s good about this device is that it features Smart Sound technology so volume levels can be adjusted automatically by the Home speaker on its own. It will depend on different measurements that may be set by the user or the ambient sound in the room or surrounding. It can adjust volume levels depending on the time of day so you can better enjoy the audio and not disturb other people if it’s night time.

Also included in the Google Home Max is a stereo Aux input so you can use it like any ordinary speaker. As usual, there’s Bluetooth connectivity so you can freely play music wirelessly.

Some people may say the Google Home Mini is enough but for those who want things bigger, you may be happy to know Google is offering free YouTube Red subscription with the $399 Google Home Max that will be out in December. YouTube Red also includes YouTube Music so you can enjoy more media content for the next 12 months.

VIA: SlashGear (1),(2)