Google’s very own smart assistant, the Google Home ecocsytem, can be accessed from a number of smart speakers, other devices, and services. In the United Kingdom, Google Home owners will be happy to know they can use the smart home device for hands-free calling. This is made possible by the Google Assistant which offers a number of smart features and functionalities to otherwise ordinary gadgets. It’s only this week the additional feature is made available so you can start saying, “Hey Google, call my mum…” to make a call. Phone calls are done over Wi-Fi connection only.

If you own a Google Home, you can set up your account and profile on the Google Home app on your smartphone. Your mobile number will show up on the caller ID screen of the recipient once a call is being made. Aside from making phone calls, the system is made even better with multi-user support. If you may remember, this was added in the UK and other countries last year. Anyone can now make hands-free calls at home with Google Home.

Since Mother’s Day is happening soon, Google also made it possible for you to make quick calls to local businesses. Call jewellery stores or florists via your Google Home and start buying the perfect gift from mum.

If you don’t have a Google Home yet, you can avail of the Google Home Mini in Coral with a £10 discount as part of a Mother’s Day promo. It is available at Currys PC World but only for a limited time until the 12th of March. The device can be had for only £39.99.

Listed below are some of the requests that can be asked:

• “Hey Google, how many days until Mother’s Day?”
• “Hey Google, broadcast ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’”
• “Hey Google, set a reminder to buy a gift for Mum.”
• “Hey Google, set a reminder to call Mum on Mother’s Day.”
• “Hey Google, give me a recipe for Mother’s Day”
• “Hey Google, give me a recipe for breakfast in bed”
• “Hey Google, where is the nearest flower shop?”

VIA: Trusted Reviews