Go on an Adventure with Maui on Google Home

If you’re not sure whether to finally get a Google Home, now is the time especially if you have kids at home. Disney has teamed up with the Google Home team to introduce new games for the children. Their parents can also join in the fun because you know, the whole family must always have fun together even if just for a few minutes. Google Home wants to keep the family and so here are more games based on your favorite Disney characters.

Starting today, you can go on all new adventures with some of your favorite Disney characters. To get started, just say, “Hey Google” and you can start playing Maui’s Music Game, Toy Story Freeze Dance, or play with the Disney Princesses.

Fans of Toy Story, whether young or old, can enjoy being one of Andy’s new toys. Jessie can teach you all the dance moves so go and call on Google.

Maui needs to find Moana and you can help him beat the monsters in the undersea world. Your possible reward? More magical conch shells that can play Moana’s music.

You can spend time with your favorite Disney princess. Cinderella, Tiana, Jasmine, Belle, or Ariel will be there to share with you new stories of adventures anytime.

Other Disney games available include Cars Adventure, Belle’s Castle Adventure, Mickey Mouse Adventure, and The Force with Star Wars Trivia.

Adventure with Maui on Google Home

Dance with Woody and Jessie on Google Home

Play With Your Favorite Disney Princesses on Google Home

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