The days when your house can actually run like the one the Jetsons live in are almost here. You can almost run an entire house without lifting a finger or even when you’re actually outside of your house. A lot of smart devices and brands can be integrated into a smart home system and Google wants you to see its Google Home app as your main control system. The app has now been redesigned to give you more control over all connected devices. They’re also introducing new bundles and products to make your home even smarter and more convenient all in all.

Now with the new Google Home app, all of your compatible and smart home devices can be controlled from just one place. There are currently 10,000 devices that can work with your Google Assistant, including speakers, lights, cameras, TVs, etc. It will even organize all the devices by the rooms where they are located so you can access and control them easily. The app can now also generate quick actions for some of the important and often used features and devices.

Even when you’re not at home, you can also control some of your smart devices and check in on your house just by opening the Google Home app. You can also let other family members have access to the smart devices as well as long as they install the app on their phones and you grant them permission. And of course, to put them all together, you can easily access the Google Assistant from the Google Home app.

Google is also introducing some new products and bundles to make life easier for you, at least smart home-wise. If you’re new to the whole smart lighting thing, you can check out the Smart Light Starter Kit which includes a Google Home Mini and the C-Life bulb from GE and will only cost you $55. The Nest Learning Thermostat meanwhile has three new finishes: mirror black, brass, and polished steel so this means you have seven colors to choose from.

New security products from Nest, August, ADT, Simplisafe and other brands are now being added. When it comes to household appliances, you also get new ones from GE, iRobot, Roomba, and all these brands can be controlled from your Google Home app and if you’re getting one, the new Google Home Hub.

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