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The Google Home app is getting another round of updates. Just a few weeks ago, the mobile app received presence detection and improved routines plus the Wifi app’s advanced router controls. This week, the app is finally getting ‘Home & Away Routines’ to allow users to automate home devices and easily take care of everyday tasks. Some automated tasks include Eco Temperatures when everyone leaves the house, turning off indoor cameras when someone comes home, and turning on light when a person gets home.

These actions can be done at once. They can also be triggered by the new “presence sensing”. The system will take note of the location of a paired device. Multiple gadgets can also be added so more people can take advantage of the system.

The Google Home app will take advantage of WiFi and cellular data to determine one’s location and if a virtual geofence perimeter is crossed. This will help the system to know if you are home, nearby, or already outside the perimeter of your address.

Check the Google Home client to manually set your Home/Away status. You will see there a brand new pill-shaped button on top of the screen whee the quick action rows are. Click on it to open a pop-up. This identifies what you are controlling at the moment. You can use either way to set your home status.

The “Set up Home & Away Routines” feature will be available with the next update. It’s not fully ready for all users but it should be ready soon.


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