Ever wondered how many active Android users are there in the world? We’re guessing hundreds of millions but at this week’s Google I/O Conference, the tech giant announced that there are already two billion monthly active devices. It’s a giant milestone after a decade of existence. Android as a platform has since grown into more than just a brand. Others are saying it’s already a lifestyle since it is integrated with numerous products and services in and outside the home.

Android has a large user base not only in the United States but all over the world. The mobile computing platform is run on hundreds of device models in the market with the OS available in different versions.

Google shared a number of important information about how Android and other related platforms are doing and will further advance. For example, Android Wear is getting new partners. This means more smartwatches will be introduced to the wearable market. Brands like New Balance, Emporio Armani, and Movado are announcing their smarwatch entries soon.

When it comes to Android TV, the platform sees a million device activations every two months. Android TV is being enhanced with a new channel-based experience on the home screen. The Android Auto platform has grown ten times since 2016 and more vehicles are now supported. About 300 models from different brands support Android Auto.

Chromebooks are not just Chrome OS-powered notebooks. Some of the latest models have Google Play Store support which means they can run Android apps. In the United States, about 60% of K-12 laptops sold are Chromebooks. Outside the country, there was a 75% increase.

Android users have installed 82 billion mobile apps and games on their devices in the past year alone. As for the smart home arena through the Internet of Things, Google will soon launch Android Things. Google now has a pool of thousands of developers from over 60 countries using the connected device platform.

Google also showed off the Android O. The tech giant said the new platform will offer more fluid experiences to mobile devices with vital improvements on security and battery life. Some changes include picture-in-picture so you can do two tasks at a time. Copy-paste function has been enhanced with the Smart Text Selection. This Android O is designed to make any phone and app startup faster than before. Battery improvements are also expected with Android O.

When it comes to security, the Google Play Protect will made Android device safe and secure. It’s a new built-in comprehensive security service for Android phones that deletes possibly harmful apps. There’s also the Find My Device feature so you can locate or lock missing devices.

Last but not the least, Google has introduced ‘Android Go’ made especially for entry-level phones with less memory. For devices with 1GB or less of memory, Android Go will help users by optimizing the features. This is ideal for those who speak multiple languages and have very limited data connectivity. More popular apps like Gboard, Chrome, and YouTube Go will also be improved so they can be used with less memory.

Google I/O just started. We know you’re all excited to discover what Google developers have prepared for the Android community this 2017 and beyond. Feel free to follow our posts tagged with Google IO.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)