Helpouts, Google’s feature to allow for a virtual assist via Hangouts, is reported to go live on November 5th. A twist to Hangouts, and the first official way to monetize a Hangout via Google, Helpouts has been in the works for some time. While Google has yet to announce when it will make the feature available, a leaked email may have done it for them.

 Android Police received an anonymous tip, which is said to be from an approved Helpouts… helper? In the message — which we assume is an email — the Helpouts team suggests they info not be shared, and that the new Hangouts feature would roll out on November 5th. This message was apparently sent out to approved Helpouts coordinators, with those yet to be approved still receiving tips on what they need to do to make the final cut.

While the scope of Helpouts is yet to be determined, Google is letting anyone with some knowledge of chosen situations sign up. The notice also mentions that the Helpouts website is privately accessible, which makes sense if it’s somehow different from regular Hangouts. Google is already knee-deep in the process of vetting potential Helpouts representatives, so we’d like to think a rollout is imminent.

As October draws to a close, we’ll soon see if Helpouts is really going live on that date or not. It seems Google has their ducks in a row on this one, and there isn’t a huge amount of back-end work to be done, considering it’s really just Hangouts. It makes sense, at least in a limited way, but like anything that isn’t confirmed, time will tell.