The holiday gift-giving season is truly here, as evidenced by all the panic-buying that people are doing now either in actual stores or online. The latter is of course more convenient now and hopefully whatever you order will make it to you before the season is over. If you’re still on the lookout for what to get your loved ones or even for yourself, Google has 12 suggested Made by Google products (since 12 is a very Christmas-y number of course) that you can all get from the Google Store (which is actually number one on the list).

Let’s run down the 12 things (well, more than twelve technically) that they named in their nice list. Making your home smarter is always a good way to start the year. You can get the Smart Home Starter Kit to turn on and off supported lights and other connected devices or the Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest Cam to make your home more secure. Number 11 on their list is their My Case which lets you create a personalized case either from your photos, a map location or from a curated collection from some featured artists.

You can also get Google Home Max which will come in handy for those parties you’ll hopefully be having. And if you want to celebrate not just Christmas but Mickey’s 90th birthday as well, they have several items you can get including the Otterbox that will make your Google Home Mini look like Mickey or the Read-Along stories that you and your kid can, well, read along, to. Since the Pixelbook has 8GB of RAM, it naturally is number eight on their list. Nest Thermostats are also good gift ideas not just coz it has seven colors but also because it might be cold where you are.

The Pixel Stand is another thing you can buy if you have a Pixel smartphone as it can serve as both wireless charger and also as a stand to display your Google Photos. Chromecast is the perfect gift (and it’s five years old!) for those who just want to stay in and watch videos on their smart TV while the Google Home Hub can let you to a lot with Google Assistant and its other smart display features.

Of course, the Pixel smartphones will always be a welcome gift for others or for yourself while the Pixel Slate (which is the first Made by Google Chrome OS tablet) can be for those who prefer a bigger screen and more robust mobile device. All of these can be bought through the Google Store and you can even gift the items directly when you purchase them.

SOURCE: Google


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