Google has been rather busy over the past few weeks. From updates to Google Maps, a new Nexus 7, Android 4.3 more, and now we’re seeing another update for their popular Hangouts chat app. It started arriving for users in stages earlier this week, but the official update for Hangouts is now readily available for all. If you like emoji support, you’ll want to grab it.

First off we’ll start with the changes and new stuff, then talk about what’s still missing, and things we’d like to see. The update to hangouts brought more butter (like Jelly Bean butter) which is Google’s way of saying they’ve improved the performance. Hangouts should now be buttery smooth and as they said in the changelog, “faster and slicker.”

The new Hangouts added tons of additional emoji options, faces, smileys, and things of that nature. So get crazy with those emojis and make something fun. Then of course like all updates it also states bug fixes. So while there isn’t too much here, hopefully the performance increase will be noticeable, because we experience a little more lag than we’d like at times.

Now for what’s not here. There’s no SMS or Google Voice yet, so that’s a major bummer. That’s really all I’m waiting for and I’ll be set. Another feature would be setting notifications on/off to be separate from the desktop, but everything is synced. Overall a minor update, but grab it below and give it a try.

VIA: Play Store