Google has rolled out the latest update for Hangouts. This update deals with voice calling, includes Google Voice integration and even some animated GIFs. While all this sounds like a solid update, there is a disappointing aspect as it has only arrived for those with an iOS device. Yes, Google has rolled this one out only for those sporting an iDevice.

This newly added calling support will work on the iPhone and iPad and even the iPod touch. You see, the voice calling doesn’t even require a SIM card. It is all WiFi. Well, WiFi or cellular data. But the catch is that you do not need carrier voice minutes to make these calls. Simply put, you can now make voice calls from the Hangouts app. Calls to the US and Canada will be free and international calls are said to be at “super low rates.”

Shifting to the Google Voice integration and this basically means that any outgoing calls made from Hangouts will show as being from your Voice number (assuming you are a Google Voice user). On the flip side, if you are carrying an iOS device and someone calls your Google Voice number, you will be able to answer it using Hangouts.

In addition to the voice calling to and from Hangouts, iOS users will now see their music slip into the background for incoming messages. This means the music will temporarily turn down as opposed to stop. Finally, Google also added support for animated GIFs. Moving forward iOS users will be able to see any of these GIFs playing in-line. And to clarify, this means iOS users will be able to send, and receive those animated GIFs.

Anyway, while we sometimes expect updates (and new apps) to come to iOS first, it somehow seems like it may sting a bit more when coming direct from Google. Needless to say, while Google may be making Android users wait for this Hangouts update, we suspect it will be coming soon and to that point, we suspect it will be coming with Kit Kat.

VIA: Google+ Kate Cushing