If a brand wants to know what people think of their products, one of the best places to look for it online is through the always opinionated Reddit community. You’ll probably find a thread about almost everything there. Google believes in the power of Reddit and so they took to the social network to ask people what are their “pain points” when it comes to configuring their Pixel devices. There aren’t new products or features to be announced anytime soon so it looks like they’re buckling down to fix the current issues users are experiencing.

The account that posted on Reddit was verified to be an official Google internal team and they’re the ones responsible for things like software, settings, and device configurations for the Pixel smartphones. In particular, they’re asking users for their pain points when it comes to “managing, toggling, or discovering settings”. This may include settings that you have to manually manage but can be made easier or settings you love but only discovered lately. They’re also asking for settings that you wish your Pixel was smarter about or have the ability to remind you about.

Users were mostly helpful and the comments that got a lot of upvotes include Bluetooth volume settings to issues with Google Home integration. Some have requested that their smartphone can ignore the “Hey Google” command when connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google Home smart speaker. Another suggestion was a toggle to auto-join recognized networks or disabling auto-join for the unrecognized ones.

The thread is still ongoing so if you have any suggestions or issues with your Pixel device, head on over to the source link and make your contrition. Just remember that it’s not like customer service where you’ll get immediate feedback or solutions since they will be working on it first.

SOURCE: Reddit