Google Glass owners have a new software update for the wearable device that should be available for download soon. The new update comes on the heels of the last update that landed only a few weeks ago bringing the Google Glass software to version XE20.1.

The new software update that has surfaced this week is XE21.0 and it brings a couple new features to the mix for users of Google Glass. The new software gets the ability to update flight information and sports scores more quickly. Google promises it will take only a few seconds to update the flight information.

Navigation on the Google Glass has also been updated to add in Waze information. With the Waze information added to the mix people using the wearable for getting from one place to another will be able to see Waze accident indicators to help avoid traffic.

The update has been announced, but Google says that it could take a week before the update is available to download. This seems like a minor update, but it’s nice to see Google constantly working to improve Google Glass.

SOURCE: Google