Google just announced a new firmware update for Glass, jumping from XE18.3 directly to XE19.1. This is seemingly a very minor maintenance update, but still brings in substantial improvements that all Glass owners will want to install it as soon as it is available.

The most important fix is something you won’t be able to see but will definitely feel. Google is improving Glass’ network connectivity so that it is now more reliable and gracefully handles network issues. So no more problems whenever you try telling Google Glass to do something for you, like send a message or fetch some info from your smartphone.

The more visible change is seen in the new interface for voice actions options. Compared to previous iterations, this visual style now sports higher contrast, putting white text on a black background in place of the previous gray-ish tint. A subtle difference that can mean worlds for an interface that is meant to be easily and quickly readable at a glance.


As always, Glass updates will take a few days before they arrive for each and every Explorer, so some patience and waiting is in order. As Glass updates are delivered via OTA only, make sure that you are connected to a WiFi network to be able to automatically download and install the update.

SOURCE: Google