The newest update to Google Glass to version X18.1 is bringing better functions to several important things for users: better photo editing and sharing options for the MyGlass app, battery notification and for football fans, World Cup updates for your favourite teams.

Taking photos, tweaking them and sharing them immediately on your favourite social networks is a very important function for mobile phone users. With this new update, the MyGlass app for Android lets you see on your phone immediately the photo you just took from your Google Glass. As you view it through the app, you can put on your filter of choice and then share it to either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter among other picture sharing apps out there. The device’s battery status is another crucial information that every Google Glass user should have. Your MyGlass app can now send you a mobile notification if your battery goes below 20%, a signal that maybe it’s time to start charging your glasses.

But if you’re a football (not the American kind, but the one the rest of the world calls football) fan and you’re eagerly counting the days until the World Cup starts (which, as of writing, is just two days away), the latest update to Google Now cards will be the most exciting news for you. Add your favourite team, whether it’s defending champion Spain or host Brazil, to your Google Now cards and you’ll get notifications on your Glass about their games, goals and maybe even what brand of football kicks they’re wearing.

The Google Now cards for Glass also has other updates, like a Parking Location card for those who always forget where they parked their vehicles and also a card to track packages that are being shipped or delivered to you. But of course you’re already too busy reading notifications about the World Cup to read this part right?

VIA: Glass Community