Just a week after its XE16.2 update, which itself came a week after XE16.1, Google is pushing out XE17 for immediate availability to Google Glass owners. The update currently has one and only one purpose: to fix a critical bug.

It is almost amusing to see a seemingly major update, at least based on version numbers, that practically has only one line in its release notes. But that also implies the severity of the bug that the update is fixing. According to those notes, XE17 addresses bugs that have caused Google Glass to randomly restart with no reason obvious to the end user. For a wearable device that is trying hard to put up an image of being safe, privacy-conscious, and user-friendly, that is definitely one egregious defect.

That is actually all that there is to the update, however, so if you’re looking for something exciting, best to just look at previous updates, like the rather oxymoronic manual Auto Backup option and the improved phone call handling that was introduced in XE16.2. Or perhaps you might want to be more forward-looking and hope for the Google Wallet-enabled wireless payment feature that is rumored to be coming our way soon.

The changelog does claim that more improvements are coming soon, probably in an XE17.1 release. So, as Google itself says, stay tuned.

SOURCE: Google