The latest update for Google Glass has begun rolling out. This is the latest in a quick series of Glass updates provided by Google, and judging from some of the recent issues — we suspect some Glass users may be weary to update. Or alternatively, those who were having trouble may be quite anxious.

Having said that, the update will come as it usually does — when Glass is sitting turned on, plugged in and connected to WiFi. This update is XE17.2 and it has a rather short changelog. Google mentioned how XE17.2 brings “various” bug fixes. Also included is an item dealing with low power states.


You’ll notice the battery indicator sitting in the above image, and otherwise, you may see this on your Glass display when there isn’t enough power to turn on. On Glass the red in the battery will be flashing. Simply put — if you see this on your Glass display you’ll want to plug in as soon as possible.

Along with the new low power indicator screen, Google also mentioned how “this release better handles instances when Glass is extremely low on power.” Our Glass has been updated and in use for a few hours now and so far there hasn’t been any issues. Of course, we should also point out that we’ve been relatively lucky and have had good experiences with XE17 and XE17.1.

SOURCE: Google